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TeleTec Electronics: Expanding the Horizon of Medical Devices with ECM Services

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Terrence Chou, Founder and CEO , TeleTec ElectronicsTerrence Chou, Founder and CEO
The pandemic substantially remodeled the healthcare market for telehealth and at-home care. Most of the industry leaders are now pushing the horizons of the home healthcare market, focusing on high-margin medical devices for home use. Such intense competition among manufacturers is, in turn, probing many OEMs to outsource their manufacturing tasks increasingly. This development offers the OEMs a chance to streamline operations and remain competitive, minimizing infrastructure overheads while improving efficiencies. But the success of these partnerships relies on CMOs’ expertise across manufacturing, regulatory, data and analytics, testing, and more, and their ability to remain adaptable to change. Increasingly, many medical device OEMs find a reliable partner in TeleTec Electronics.

TeleTec offers CMO services for wire harness, cable assembly, and integrated services in plastic injection molding, precision machining, and electronics manufacturing. Throughout three decades of services, TeleTec has gained a clearer understanding of its client’s concerns, and the company has developed policies, procedures, and methodology to address those concerns effectively. Based on these capabilities, TeleTec is well-positioned as an experienced cable assembly and manufacturing integrated service provider within the electronic and mechanical manufacturing space, which strives to support its customers to increase efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve their biomedical quality devices.

What corroborates TeleTec’s and its manufacturing integration capabilities even further is the slew of quality certifications, including ISO 9001, 13485, and 14001. Drawing from these very capabilities, TeleTec can help OEM and original design manufacturer (ODM) customers towards meeting the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s quality system regulation and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs).
TeleTec also offers value-added manufacturing services such as design-for-manufacturability (DFM) reviews, engineering support, product design, material management, supply chain management, and drop shipment, becoming their one-stop-shop and turn-key product manufacturer. Medical device OEMs can therefore rest assured that there will be minimal delay or disruption, if any, in their supply chain, thanks to the one-stop capabilities of TeleTec.
  • Throughout three decades of CMO services, TeleTec has gained a clearer understanding of its client’s concerns, developed procedures & methodology to address those concerns effectively

The benefits of these services can best be explained through one of TeleTec’s recent partnerships. An early-stage medical device provider was preparing for FDA approval and began investigating suppliers that could help them improve their cable assembly designs. The client needed a highly flexible, durable, and robust molded cable assembly which can enclose three distinct wires—two traditional copper wiring and one optic fiber cable— each for different functionalities. However, the client could not find the perfect contract manufacturer who could meet the unique design and manufacturing requirement, and their quest to find a suitable CMO partner led them to TeleTec. Working closely with the client, TeleTec redesigned the kit to encapsulate copper and fiber optical cables in one extruded cable and eliminate the additional assembly work. The innovative design allowed the client to enhance the overall robustness and quality of the extruded cable and provisioned them to reduce their manufacturing cost while improving the end-device performance.

Moving ahead with many similar success stories under its belt, TeleTec is now poised to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and help more medical device manufacturers worldwide. Through this, the company is determined to charter a positive business trajectory as a leading CMO in the coming month.
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TeleTec Electronics

Fremont, CA

Terrence Chou, Founder and CEO

TeleTec and its partners offer full-service contract manufacturing in cable assembly, plastic injection molding, precision machining, and electronics manufacturing services.

TeleTec Electronics